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Grouphorse Global Interpreting Summit 2019 opens in Shanghai

Updated:September 04, 2019



Themed “Interpreters’ Promising Future in the New Era”, the summit, a feast for the mind, featured four keynote speeches and two panel discussions.


It was attended by vast numbers of translation and interpreting learners and experts representing institutions such as the United Nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Translators Association of China (TAC), the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), Grouphorse Group, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, the University of Bath, the University of Newcastle, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Sun Yat-sen University.



 Some of the distinguished guests in attendance were:

-Xu Yanan, Former Chief of the Chinese Translation Service of the Documentation Division of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) at the UN, former Director-General of the Department of Translation and Interpretation at MFA, Executive Director of the TAC, and Senior Advisor at Grouphorse

-Wang Genxiang, Director of UNITAR-CIFAL Shanghai

-Wu Yugang, Deputy Director of UNITAR-CIFAL Shanghai

-Tang Xing, Member of the TAC and CIOL, Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, and Chairman and President of Grouphorse Group

-Zhan Cheng, Member of the AIIC, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the TAC Interpreting Committee, and Professor and Doctoral Advisor at Sun Yat-sen University

-Yukteshwar Kumar, Course Director for the MA in Translation and Interpreting (Chinese Stream) and Doctoral Advisor at the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies, the University of Bath

-Yao Bin, Vice Dean of the Graduate School of Translation and Interpreting at Beijing Foreign Studies University

-Tao Qing, Vice Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at Shanghai Jiaotong University

-Peng Zhiping, Exclusive Interpret Trainer at Grouphorse, and Former Interpreter working for the US State Department

-Klink Zhou, Member of the CIOL, Assistant to Grouphorse Chairman, and General Manager of the Grouphorse Center for Translation and Interpreting

- Zhang Li, General Manager of Grouphorse Shanghai

-Zhang Xi, Head of the Department of English Studies of the College of Foreign Language at Donghua University

-Wang Yanqiang, Lecturer at the Department of Translation and Interpreting at the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Fudan University

-Cai Huaqiang, Visiting Module Leader of Conference Interpreting at Newcastle University



At the summit, Grouphorse signed a cooperation agreement with UNITAR-CIFAL Shanghai. The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is a principal training arm of the United Nations headed by Executive Director Nikhil Seth, who is also UN Assistant Secretary-General, and has established the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Shanghai.



▲ Grouphorse Chairman/President Tang Xing (right) and CIFAL Shanghai Director Wang Genxiang sign the agreement.



▲Xu Yanan delivers a keynote speech titled “What Makes a Good Interpreter in the New Era?” 



 Zhan Cheng gives his keynote speech titled “Interpreting Degree Programs and Education Philosophies”.



Yukteshwar Kumar gives his keynote speech titled “The Interpreting Training Methods at Bath University” in a video.



▲Peng Zhiping gives his keynote speech titled “The Three Golden Ages of My Life: Clearing Key Hurdles in Interpreter Training”.



Yao Bin speaks on the panel discussing “How Should An Interpreter Think Globally?”



 Tao Qing speaks on the panel themed “Exploring International Interpreting Training Practices”.



 Klink Zhou speaks on the panel themed “How Should An Interpreter Think Globally?”


   Zhang Xi speaks on the panel themed “Exploring International Interpreting Training Practices”.



 Wang Yanqiang speaks on the panel  themed “Exploring International Interpreting Training Practices”.



Cai Huaqiang speaks on the panel themed Exploring International Interpreting Training Practices”.


▲Wu Yugang, Deputy Director of CIFAL Shanghai



Zhang Li, General Manager of Grouphorse Shanghai




The Grouphorse Global Interpreting Summit is one of the major Grouphorse events aiming at pooling together industry knowledge and encourage communication, allowing the translation and interpreting community to become a self-supporting system, and providing opportunities for networking.


During the intermission, Tang Xing and Wang Genxiang signed a cooperation agreement between Grouphorse Group and UNITAR-CIFAL Shanghai, under which both sides will work on launching world-class international programs to help develop language learners’ skills, including the United Nations Conference Interpretation Certificate Program and the China Interpreting Contest. With UNITAR as the guiding institution, the contest is the only one of its kind in China supported by  a UN body.



▲Grouphorse Chairman/President Tang Xing addresses the ceremony.



Director of CIFAL Shanghai Wang Genxiang makes his speech at the ceremony.



The summit was hosted by Candice Tong, Master in Conference Interpreting at the University of Manchester and Full-time Interpreter and Interpreting Trainer at Grouphorse. The panel discussions were moderated by Shui Yidi, Exclusive Grouphorse Interpreting Trainer, and Yu Xiaoqing, Full-time Interpreter of Natural Research Greater China who used to be a top Cema student.



▲ Candice Tong hosts the summit.



 ▲ Shui Yidi moderates the panel discussion.



▲ Yu Xiaoqing moderates the panel discussion.


Qi Chini, Full-time Interpreter and Interpreting Trainer at Grouphorse and Cema students provided high-quality simultaneous interpretating services for the summit.



▲ Grouphorse’s full-time interpreter and Cema students interpret at the summit.


Staff members from Grouphorse Shanghai and some high-achieving Cema students volunteered at the summit.


As a stage for interpreters to share their skills and knowledge, the summit was very fruitful and widely recognized, for it helped clear the career bottlenecks for interpreters, promote shared understanding in the industry, and bring the future of interpreters closer.


Headquartered in Beijing, Grouphorse Group ( has branches in major cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Changsha, Hangzhou, and Wuhan, and is a United Nations vendor for language services registered at the highest level (ID: 496547) and a participant of the United Nations Global Compact (ID: 109301).

As one of China’s most prestigious international language service providers, Grouphorse has been the official language service provider for APEC summits, the Boao Forum for Asia, and China International Import Expo. It is the translation Partner of the 2018 China Education Symposium at Harvard and the official sponsor for the XIX FIT World Congress as well as one of China’s first service providers to offer internships and placement for Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) candidates.

It is the MTI practice and incubator for top universities, including Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sun Yat-sen University, Tongji University, Southeast University, Shanghai International Studies University and East China Normal University.


As Grouphorse’s flagship brand, Cema Training School of Translation and Interpreting (or Cema) is widely recognized as the champion in the industry in terms of teaching quality, number of trainees enrolled, range of training levels and geographical coverage. With its unique teaching method combining comprehensive training with interactive learning, Cema is dedicated to cultivating first-class translators and interpreters with global vision.


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