Since ancient China, study tour has played an important role in shaping individual personalities and knowledge. Confucius took his students to tour many states to enrich their knowledge, build their characters and broaden their horizons. As the Chinese saying goes, “It is as important to travel as it is to read many books”.

A Multilingual Talent Pool

Grouphorse has worked with many renowned domestic and foreign institutions and enterprises, and established solid relations with many industries. We know exactly what kinds of professionals the market wants. Besides, Grouphorse is a pool of multilingual and highly-educated professionals from universities, famous enterprises and institutions. These international professionals have experiences in different industries and excellent language skills.

Grouphorse will sign a headhunting agreement with clients and recommend qualified candidates. The chosen candidates will sign an employment contract directly with clients. This will help clients find quality multilingual professionals economically, quickly and safely.


Recruitment Consultation

Grouphorse provides quality headhunting services for domestic and foreign enterprises of all kinds.

We will go all out to help you hire top-notch full-time or part-time professionals with a good command of foreign languages that serves your business goals.

Grouphorse provides clients with customized headhunting solutions in the following process:

A.    Demand analysis. We will fully understand clients’ businesses, cultures, structures, dynamics and job responsibilities and work with clients to hammer out job requirements including work experience, professional background and other special requirements.

B. Headhunting. We will work out a headhunting plan based on our human resource network and communicate with our clients promptly. We will call the candidates interested in the position to make a confirmation, and report progress to our clients regularly.

C. Screening and testing. We will interview candidates, and evaluate them in terms of experience, specialties, management methods, personalities, occupational stability before finalizing the candidate list.

D. Recommendation report. We will present to our clients a recommendation report with three to four appropriate candidates for each position.

E. Interview arrangement. We will arrange an interview for our clients and the candidates, and inform both sides of the feedback after the interview.

F. Background checks. We will check the background, personality, job performance and other relevant information about the final candidate with the help of his or her former colleagues, supervisors and HR departments as well as peers, in a bid to help clients make informed decision. We will also assist both sides in negotiations during recruitment.