As one of the most dominant translation/interpretation service providers, we boast an A-list team consisting of leading expert-linguists and high-caliber full-time managers who have all been strictly tested and can provide the best services.

Our services are tailored to client needs, ranging from draft and summary translation to certified translation, featuring multi-step translation and review process to ensure the translation is absolutely accurate which helps businesses achieve international success.


Translation Process


Certified Quality Assurance

Grouphorse was certified to the ISO standard on June 28, 2010 after it was strictly assessed, which is a testament to its quality management system.

Grouphorse has been recognized as a company armed with a clear development plan, practical strategies, quality management, and strong and committed leadership with a clear and visionary understanding of translation and interpreting services and the industry.

Grouphorse Linguist Certification Program

Grouphorse has a special headhunting system and a huge network of translation professionals. We invite those who meet our basic requirements to test their abilities with an exam that encompasses a wide range of subjects. Subsequently, they will be reviewed by expert linguists and senior translators.

The pursuit of excellent translation runs in our blood, echoing our commitment to building better Sino-foreign relations and a more harmonious world.


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CAT Tools

We use leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to help translators save huge amount of time by reusing content stored in translation memory. We use ABBYY FineReader and other text recognition software like OCR to scan WORD or PDF documents and pictures and transform them into editable formats. We also use SDL Trados to build translation memory and terminology glossaries for quality checks, which saves time and cost and ensures that both the terms and translation style are consistent.

ApSIC Xbench and other tools we use can ensure both the translation and format are accurate, consistent and standard.

Multicultural Marketing

Grouphorse has been working closely with universities; it has a vast number of professional translators and interpreters coming from different fields with various strengths, who are ready to provide services including cultural consulting, copywriting trans-creation and adaptation, brand management, name translation and testing, and image consultation, so as to maximize your global influence and meet your global marketing target.


Cultural Consulting

Many of our employees have studied overseas. They can spot the cultural characteristics of the local market after researches, and efficiently adapt or transcreate the existing copies, to help your team make intelligent business and marketing decisions based on accurate market information.

Copywriting Transcreation and Adaptation 

Grouphorse employees have worked in advertising, media and other relevant fields, with solid foreign language skills. They have an accurate understanding of different cultures and familiarity with idioms, puns, wordplays, insinuations, subtexts and rhymes in the source language, delivering the most appropriate and creative copywriting for clients.

Grouphorse provides clients with several options along with back translation and detailed explanation of why specific terms were chosen and the impacts these choices may exert on the target market, and determine the best final version with our clients. 

Name Testing

A proper name in a foreign language can help your company, products and services gain international recognition. Companies often fail to interpret the meanings and connotations of their names in the target language, and even cause infelicities sometimes, hampering their products and services from being accepted by the target market.

Grouphorse offers a full range of name testing services. All of our language and marketing experts can grasp the essence of foreign cultures, and work with a special team and researchers to coin powerful and culturally appropriate names to help with clients’ international marketing efforts.