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Grouphorse signs partnership to become official translation service provider for IMF

Updated:May 15, 2020

Grouphorse became the new official translation service provider for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on March 18.


The IMF, part of the International Monetary Fund Agreement signed at the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944, was established in Washington on December 27, 1945. Its purpose is to monitor currency exchange rates and trade conditions between countries, providing the technical and financial assistance for the global financial system to operate healthily and fairly. There are currently 189 member countries working together with the IMF to accelerate global financial cooperation, strengthen financial stability, promote international trade, and help other member countries improve employment rate and achieve sustainable development.

In recent years, following the long-term rise in China’s economy and the continued progress in the country’s efforts to open up economically, the IMF has attached great importance to its relations with China. Both China and the IMF have worked closely together to build up national capabilities for the Belt and Road Initiative, enhance the soft environment surrounding economic policy, and create a future of shared prosperity for the entire global community. Together, both sides are committed to promoting global governance, one that is based on cooperation, collaborative development, and a culture of sharing. They seek to maintain a fair and open global financial market and help drive the international systems to develop in a more just and reasonable direction.

Against this backdrop, we at Grouphorse Translations have actively responded to the changing global environment. Standing by our long-term commitment to language services and translator/interpreter training, we are using language as our way of supporting the spread of Chinese culture. By intensively improving our products, services and business strategies, we have been contributing towards expanding and deepening international cooperation between China and the world. In doing so, we have received promising recognition from a range of international organizations and multinational corporations, including the IMF and the UN. This new partnership also sets an encouraging example to show that Chinese companies have what it takes to compete successfully on the global market.